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Naturally Crafted New Zealand Wine

You might say we’re a little rebellious in our disregard for the accepted ways of doing things. But the long and short of it is that when it comes to making wine, we believe, the less interference from the meddlesome hand of man, the better.

With Moana Park there is a style of wine for every occasion, from the easy-drinking fruity styles yet seriously good Estate Series showing off Hawke’s Bay, and the super premium Single Vineyard Reserve range – elegant and sophisticated in style.

If you are into collecting then The Vintage Project is for you. With only 2 barrels made annually and a different varietal every year, The Vintage Project is something special!


The Estate Series consists of fresh, fruit-driven, premium wines grown exclusively on our Estate vineyards.


Super-premium wines, displaying an expression of terroire for a single vineyard. These represent our best sites and only our very best vintages.


Our Flagship wine, where we choose a different varietal every vintage. The best-looking fruit, from the best performing varietal, in any given year. With a different artist producing the label each year these wines are truly unique and stand alone.