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Syrah Verjus from Moana Park- So versatile, so compatible.

Unfermented Syrah grape juice for cooking, and refreshing drinks. Picked at 15 brix

Please keep your Verjus in the fridge permanently as it will want to ferment.

In the Kitchen:

The ideal replacement for vinegar in chutney’s, mustards, vinaigrettes, mixed with the best olive oil to dress your greens and just a splash over your freshly pan-fried fish, shell fish, crustaceans and what a way to deglaze your pan for sauces.
Peach Salsa with Corn Chips (The perfect snack)
Finely chop and combine a fresh Black Boy or Golden Queen Peach, de-seeded red and green chili, red onion, capsicum, fresh Basil, Lebanese Cucumber and mint. Swirl balsamic, good olive oil and Mona Park Syrah Verjus and add to the fresh mix, squeeze fresh Lime or Lemon, lightly chill. Place in the center of a platter and surround with the Corn Chips and/or toasted Tortilla strips and just chill out with your Syrah Verjus drink of choice. PS goes exceptionally well with a Moana Park Pinot Gris too!

Poaching liquor for Fruit Compote
Pile your favourite dried fruits (we love a combo of Figs, Mango, Pineapple, golden Sultana’s and Cranberry’s) just cover with Moana Park Syrah Verjus and a sprinkle of sugar or a swirl of great NZ Manuka Honey and steep till reduced to a lovely syrup. Great for either breakfast or desert and stunning as a side dish to a beautiful winter’s night steam pud!

Black Currant sauce for roasted rare wild Venison
Place your finished rare Venison on a warm plate, cover and set aside to relax as you prepare this quick and easy sauce. To the heated pan juices from the roasted Venison splash a good quantity Moana Park Syrah Verjus and scape all the luscious crusted venison and herbs from the bottom and reduce. Swirl in 2 tablespoons of Black Currant Jelly or Jam and as they liquidize add a nob of butter and a cup of cream. Warm to combine and pour in to a warm jug, carve your Venison and then just combine. Great home-baked bread is just superb to wipe the plate when finished. PS Moana Park 2015 Single Vineyard Syrah is just stunning with the Venison